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-mysterious super motivated horse with its own agenda and mind set. Its gender, age and origins are unknown to human.

-trademarked brand identity; derived from the first syllables of its creator’s initial and middle names, “Serdar Mustafa”


    “Always thinking
    out of the box, always see king perfection More practicle and
    comfortable design for
    the best of the
    horse and the rider”


    “Each individual design piece
    has a philosophical idea to lay underneath.
    Number 2 is the sacred entity
    of the brand. Blending 2 passions,
    2 cultures, 2 species into
    one love, one soul, one entity.”

  • ART

    “Sermus considers its work as a form of art, ”wearable art”
    We respect craftsmanship and culture. All the pieces of the collection are handmade and limited edition,
    hand signed by the designer. Limiting the number
    of a design encourage s us to push our creativity
    and doesn't allow us to repeat ourselves and fall
    into stagnancy.”


    “Carrying cultural elements into
    the products in an aesthetical and artistic way
    and referencing to history, mythology
    is a crucial part of Sermus’
    design tradition.”

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  • Serdar has been passionate
    about design & arts from very early ages, as well as simultaneously nesting a big love for horses. He is an awarded architect with 25+ years of experience. In 2022 he founded Sermus to express his know-how and zeal by creating an equine sports equipment collection, experiencing the pleasure of bringing his 2 passions together.
    Serdar is an FEI certified showjumping course designer. He has a Masters degree in Architecture and a minor in Art
    History. He plays polo in regular
    basis and pursues showjumping

  • Gamze has started working at a very young age. After a stellar
    corporate career of 15 years in
    Istanbul, she relocated to US with her family. She authored two self improvement books in her mother language; "Selfie of Love" and "Women, Men-Miscommunication". Her books
    are translated to English. In 2020 Gamze founded her fashion brand Milligram LLC and latter co-founded its sister company Sermus. Currently she is the managing partner of both establishments. Gamze is a certified cross-fit trainer and a life coach. She holds double major in Business Administration and Sociology.





    “To accomplish the right design
    by blending contemporary
    architecture and local specifications
    with well listened, well observed
    and well analysed needs of the client”


    High-end Residential/ Retail/ Equestrian Facilities/ Hospitality/ Multi-family residential


    Celebrating its 25th anniversary,
    Celik Family Collection focuses on
    artists who have been in Paris 1930-1970,
    true modern generation. It stands distant
    from trends but at the same time,
    it is never unresponsive to owners’
    ecstatic taste, regardless of artwork’s
    period, era or the artist.

    The collection contains approximately
    125 pieces, located at Istanbul and
    Los Angeles.

  • “Hold the Line!” jersey emphasizing on the most important principle of polo; The Line..

  • “Gray Dapple” jersey emphasizing on the idea of two different species -human and horse- blending into one entity one body, one soul...

  • “Ribbon” jersey emphasizing on the idea of two different species
    blending into one entity one body
    one soul...
    Two colored belts represent the horse and the human

  • “Ribbon II” jersey emphasizing on the idea of two different species blending into one entity one body one soul...
    Two colored belts represent the horse and the human

  • “Walt” jersey a tribute to the “Genius” on his 100th birthday

  • “Pink Checkered” is the first ever Team Sermus jersey, a winner!

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208 Marine Ave. Suite B
Newport Beach, CA 92662 USA